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Hi! I'm Rachel

I am the founder of The Jasper Fox Project Non-Profit Organization as well as the blog Heart of My Own Heart. I am passionate about coming alongside families experiencing stillbirth, miscarriage, and infant loss.

My husband, Chalres, and I lost our second son, Jasper Ryan at 24 weeks gestation and began the difficult journey of walking through grief. We are no strangers to grief as we have experienced two other miscarriages, multiple D and C procedures, as well as naturally passing a child at home. We love the Lord and believe that God has given us a heart to serve those who are experiencing the loss of a child. 

We are down to earth people. We love grilling burgers in the backyard and taking walks to the park with our three children, Jaxon, Christine, and Miah.

My hope is that The Jasper Fox Project would be a step toward healing in the grieving process for families who experience infant loss. We hand make each fox. We pick every fabric with care and have threaded countless bobbins with the hope of filling empty arms.
I pray each fox would help create remembrance and love.

I would love to hear your story!

Thank You For Sharing!

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